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About - Sangam Tent House

Sangam tent house started in 1992 by SN Kazmi working from past 25years. Now Mr Afzal Kazmi is presently looking the company. Over the years, the Sangam Tent House has diversified from a small set up to a company employee several hundred emloyees, services to the most discerning of clients and offering a platheora of services – ranging from venues, décor and even wedding planning and consultancy.
We holds the kind of experience under its belt which young companies -once you book Sangam Tent House , you are assured of your special ay being in the hands of some very experienced professionals! A legacy of its founder, the company thrives on a formidable reputation in the market! We are happy to be serving the industry and looking forward to another 50 years. We share only one priority that of customer satisfaction. The reason behind our success is because of our offered personalized yet united team work. Each and every employee working with us deliver dedicated professional performance with respect to their allotted task.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple – every one of our clients simply deserves the best! Clients are often surprised at the detailing and the additional offers we make – these little things we so willingly do , which other tent services consider as an extra. We understand the high expectations and deliver to our promises.

We have more than 5 years of experience in providing top notch service and culinary excellence in thousands of weddings, corporate events and social occasions.

Wedding Parties 85
Decorations 60
Music & Entertainment 75
Exhibitions, Product Launch 90
Our Mission

Sangam Tent House mission is to ensure that our customers are afforded the best value for their investment by providing them with the finest quality in the market and the most outstanding services possible. Furthermore, we endeavour to continuously create opportunities for the sustainable growth and enrichment of our enterprise, our people, and the communities in which we operate by perpetually exercising proficient and responsible corporate leadership.

Our Vision

We envision Sangam Tent House to be the best goods and services enterprise in the State of Uttar Pradesh, setting the bar in quality, value, and customer service. We have always believed that our products and services have the power to improve people’s quality of life; thus, it is in our interest to put into action decisions and programmes that not only foster productivity and maximise returns but also help us improve our business in order to create a better future.